Essential qualities to look for in an SEO expert

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Essential qualities to look for in an SEO expert


When people design their websites, they pay attention to the way it looks, and they make sure to pack it with dazzling media and premium content. But there are cases when even the best looking website does not get enough visitors to bring success to the company, and the visitors are not converted into customers. In case this is the issue when it comes to your firm, then you should ask an SEO expert check your website, because it may not be properly optimised. In case the report informs you that you need onsite optimisation, and online marketing then you should consider hiring a specialist as WebsitePromoter, because only an expert would be able to increase your website revenue and to boost its visibility. But it may be difficult to choose an SEO specialist if you do not have experience, because experts come in many sizes and shapes, individual consultants and consulting firms.

They understand the different levels of SEO

You should know from the beginning that search engine optimisation can be divided into three different facets. The first one is technical, and it has in view the structure of your website. Therefore the expert has to determine if it is difficult or easy for search engines to index and crawl your content. The next facet is the on-page optimisation one, and this means that the expert should check if your website uses HTML and keywords correctly, because these aspects influence traffic on your website. The last facet is the off-page optimisation and the expert should be able to help you with link building. If you want to have a successful SEO campaign, you should make sure that the expert you hire offers all these three elements.

The expert offers you a record of their SEO success

You already know that the actions are the ones that should speak when it comes to business, so you should not trust only the words of the SEO expert. There are many so-called experts, who think that if they read a blog on how SEO works, they are specialists in this domain. And you have to avoid working with them, if you want to get effective results. So, you should ask the professional you want to hire to show you a record of the SEO projects they ended successfully. Ask them to offer you references, you can contact, because in this way you are sure that their successful projects are real.

The expert understands your goals

When you first talk with the SEO specialist you have to make sure that they understand your goals, and that they share the same view. It is important the expert to appreciate the things you want to achieve, because in this way they would work harder to help you fulfil your goals. Also, you will have to discuss with them if you want to convert the visitors into customers, because in this way they will know on what strategies to focus. In addition, you should know that SEO is part of the digital marketing strategy, and you have to make sure that the SEO specialist has knowledge in this domain.