Types of golf rangefinders – a guide for beginners

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Types of golf rangefinders – a guide for beginners

The latest golf rangefinder technology has enabled golf players measure distances and pin point locations with greater accuracy than ever, improving the game experience and increasing the level of play. It was only a matter of time until old fashioned and ineffective range finding methods such as score cards and sprinkler heads got replaced with more efficient and technological driven devices, but no one expected the emergence of the revolutionary devices available on the dedicated market at the moment. Rangefinders can make a great difference on the golf course and even elite golf players are making use of the latest technology to improve their game. Although professional golfers prefer to discover on their own what type of range finding device suits their tastes and needs best, if you are new to golf, you should start by reading golf rangefinder reviews. After learning more details about each type of device, their advantages and disadvantages, you have better changes of finding something more suitable.  With the advent of technology and the increasing demand of more accurate devices, there are already a number of different types of golf rangefinders, not to mention brands and models. Generally, range finding devices are placed into four categories, which can help you in your endeavor by simplifying things.

GPS rangefinders

These ingenious range finding devices use the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to pin point locations and determine the distance to and between specific objects. Unlike other types of range finders, GPS based systems do not require a clear line of sight. They can also provide yardage reading which helps golfers go around the course at a faster pace while maintaining a high standard of play. In the past, golf players were required to consult markers, books and magazine to learn how far until the green ends, but GPS devices gathers information directly from the satellite and can tell you the exact distance back and front even behind hills. However, you should make sure that your golf course is mapped, before you purchase this type of range finder.

Laser rangefinders

This type of range finder uses a laser like beam to determine the location of an object. It is considered the most accurate golf ranging device, as it measures the time necessary for the laser beam to return to calculate the distance to the object up front. You will not need to play on a mapped gold course, because this system relies on the information it gathers on the spot, but you will need a clear line of sight for precise readings.

Wearable devices

Watch range finders have been introduced on the market for the convenience of the users. These devices are generally incorporated with the GPS technology and it offers all the advantages and disadvantages of GPS based rangefinders. Therefore, it is only a matter of preferences, whether you should choose a handheld of a wearable device. However, you should check out golf rangefinder reviews to ensure you purchase a watch with a satisfactory battery life.